Cureline Group

A global translational and precision medicine CRO providing HBS biobanking and laboratory services for accelerated drug R&D and Dx development since 2003

  1. 01

    Cureline, Inc

    Global preclinical research human biobank

  2. 02

    Cureline Biopathology

    Translational histopathology laboratory

  3. 03

    Cureline Molecular

    HBS studies and analytical services laboratory

  4. 04

    BioCrypton, Inc

    Glycoproteomics and biomarkers discovery and validation


Over a hundred validated clinical partners in 20 countries


Cureline headquarters

Cureline was originated in the San Francisco Bay area (California, USA) in 2003.

Together with our global clinical network and business partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, Cureline Group provides comprehensive global biobanking and HBS analyses services.

Since 2003 we have partnered with 150+ validated clinical sites, completed projects for 700 satisfied clients, and participated in two major scientific NIH (USA) consortiums, the TCGA and the CPTAC.