Fresh HBS from Cureline Clinical Network

Cureline provides high-quality human specimens for biomedical research. Fresh human tissues and blood are available for our USA, Europe- and Japan-based customers. Samples from healthy donors and clinically-defined patients are available in 24 - 48 hours after collection.



human-colon human-colon2
Human colon (30 hours, H&E stain)

 Since 2007, Cureline has adopted AQIX technology ( for preservation and transportation of fresh human tissues. AQIX solutions contain the essential ingredients for maintenance of the cell homeostasis in human cadaver and surgical tissues.

Blood specimens from healthy donors and patients with solid tumors, various hematological cancers, inflammatory diseases and inherited conditions, are collected in tubes of your choice and shipped overnight on wet ice.


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Our team collaborates with the major clinical and research centers in Europe, Asia, and the USA on developing collection protocols that are approved by local IRBs and comply with international and local laws. Standard patient consent forms and operating procedures are developed to guard patient’s rights and to use all samples with maximum efficiency.

Please contact us with details of your research protocol in order to set up a custom project for collection of fresh human tissues and blood.