Since 2003 Cureline has been dedicated to innovation
in human tissue research and precision medicine.

For over seventeen years Cureline Team have been developing global collaborations and protocols for obtaining, handling, processing, and analyzing human biospecimens (HBS) worldwide. We started this business when targeted medicine was in its cradle, “precision medicine” term was not yet in use, and “biomarker assay” was an early protagonist of “companion diagnostics”. Every year our procurement network expands to new therapeutic areas and new territories: over the years we have conducted our studies in 20 countries on four continents and supported over 700 clients with 4,000+ successfully conducted projects.

Cureline Group HQ and HBS biorepository are located in the San Francisco Bay since inception in 2003. Members of Cureline management team are highly motivated and well-trained life sciences experts, international business, clinical research and medical professionals. We aim at being involved in your biomarker R&D, companion Dx, clinical research and development process not only as a service provider but also as your trusted collaborator. With our experience and knowledge, we understand our clients research goals and act as an ideal partner for your scientific programs.

Olga Potapova

Olga Potapova, PhD

CEO and Scientific Director

Olga Potapova is an expert in biotechnology, life sciences, business development, and international alliance management. Since 2003, Dr. Potapova is leading the Cureline Group with excellence in the area of precision medicine, translational medicine research and laboratory services. Previously she worked in the fields of cancer research (NIH and Pfizer/SUGEN), human molecular genetics and genomics, oncology drug R&D, and translational medicine. Since 2010 Dr. Potapova is the TCGA and CPTAC (NIH, USA) Principal Investigator. She has advanced degrees in Physics and Biochemistry and has received multiple AACR/AFLAC awards, NIH and NATO fellowships.


Kathleen Talmadge

Sr. Vice President, Finance and Operations

Ms. Talmadge has been an entrepreneur and a business manager for over 30 years. Kathleen oversees project management and the financial activities of Cureline. Prior to joining Cureline in 2005, she was instrumental in setting up and managing various companies in the high-end retail, hospitality and service maintenance industries. She brings to the Cureline team her extensive experience in finance, accounting, purchasing and contract negotiations. Kathleen holds a B.S. in Economics from the Assumption College (Makati, Philippines).


Olga V. Voronina, PhD

VP, International Alliances

Dr. Voronina is a co-Founder of Cureline Inc., and has an extensive experience in international biotech, pharmaceutical and academic clinical projects. Since 2001 she has led the acquisition and archiving of human tissue specimens for drug discovery and development, and successfully established the Cureline Clinical Network. Dr. Voronina has more than 30 years academic and industry experience and provides leadership in Cureline's scientific research and clinical program management worldwide. Dr. Voronina's leadership in managing Cureline TCGA program resulted in co-authoring multiple TCGA publications in Nature, Cell and NEJM (2012 - 2016).


Marilda Chung, MD

Consulting Pathologist

Dr. Marilda Chung, MD is a Board-Certified pathologist with expertise in diagnostic Surgical Pathology and more than 25 years of experience in academic, research, and community hospital settings. She completed her Residency in Anatomic Pathology at Stanford University Medical Center, where she also completed advanced fellowships in Neuropathology and Surgical Pathology. Dr. Chung held appointments as Assistant Professor and Attending Professor at the Cornell University Medical College (New York, NY), where she was actively engaged in residency and medical student teaching, and was an Attending Pathologist in Surgical Pathology as well as Co-Director of the Division of Neuropathology. She has collaborated on numerous published papers in translational and diagnostic/oncologic pathology and has served as a Consultant Pathologist for San Francisco Bay Area research institutes since 1999. Dr. Chung currently directs the Surgical Pathology services at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital (San Francisco, CA).

Special biospecimen collection protocols:

  • Primary cell lines from solid tumors, hematological cancers and normal ticcues
  • Viable epitope - specific cell fractions from blood and bone marrow
  • Procurement of biospecimen sets (tissue biopsy, synovial fluid, PBMCs, serum, eyc.) from patients with inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc.)
  • Specimens with longitudinal data (clinical outcome and treatment efficacy)
  • Custom protocol transfer and speciemns processing using client's drug candidates (solid tissues, blood, other biofluids)

Standards & most challenging human biospecimen collections

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