Human Primary Cells for Research Protocols

Cureline has adopted effective protocols for preparation of primary human cell lines from solid tumors, cancer blood, cancer bone marrow and normal tissues. The prepared primary cell cultures maintain their differential state and can be used as an in-vitro model system to study relevant disease changes and susceptibility to new drug candidates.

Our scientists can prepare primary cell lines from most tissues using our standard protocols. If you would like to implement a custom project, please contact Cureline Biospecimen Operations team and/or CMS Director in order to discuss your project specifications.

Therapeutic Areas / Primary Cells:

  • Hematologic Oncology (leukemia, multiple myeloma, MDS): bone marrow and blood cells and sub-fractions
  • Solid Oncology: DTC, viable PBMC
  • Inflammation: whole blood viable PBMC
  • Normal Tissues: solid tissues, blood, bone marrow (cell fraction)

  • APPLICATION: Signal transduction studies (RNA, protein, IHC analysis) using a new drug lead.
  • Leukemia (CLL, CML, ALL, AML): Isolation of cancer PBMCs from fresh blood using a Ficoll-based protocol, and preparation of viable cells (DMSO-FCS-RPMI). Collection of matching cancer serum samples with extensive clinical information for each patient.
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS): Preparation of viable BMMCs, snap-frozen cell pellets and RNA. Collection of matching cancer serum samples and extensive clinical information for each patient.
  • CLL and MM: Preparation of bone marrow FFPE (cells from aspirate and trephine biopsy specimens). 

APPLICATION: Analysis of drug sensitivity and target expression levels

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Primary cell culture from cells contained in synovial fluid of treatment-naïve RA patients vs patietns treated with biologic drugs (Humira, Enbrel, etc.)
  • CLL: Preparation of total and CD19+ viable PBMCs
  • MM: Preparation of total and CD138+ viable BMMCs PBMCs
  • SLE: Preparation of PBMCs and treatment with client's drug candidate.


APPLICATION: Discovery of cancer - relevant antigens

Spleen Primary Cell Line: Preparation of a primary cell line from normal human spleen tissue