Tissue 2 Target: Partnering to Serve Your Pre-Clinical R&D Needs


Are you working in Pre-clinical R&D, Translational Research or early-stage Clinical Trials?

Are you looking for a CRO that can provide human sample validation and expertise in molecular biology for drug and biomarker discovery and development?


With Tissue 2 Target, a partnership between The Cureline Group of Companies and Cellecta, Inc., you have a one-stop service provider to

  • procure high quality, well characterized human biospecimens
  • provide advanced genomic analysis of the samples
  • produce customized, actionable data in an efficient, reliable manner.


With Cureline and Cellecta, a team of experts with decades of experience will help develop your pipeline and ensure your pre-clinical and translational research needs are met on time and under budget.


Sample assay workflows

Sample Types Analysis Application Results
Blood, PBMC, Bone Marrow, Buffy Coat Immunophenotyping: DriverMap Expression Profiling Assay OR Marker/antigen detection by Flow  Gain insight into which cells are involved and which pathways are implicated in immune response. Analysis Report  
FFPE Tissue Spatial Gene Expression Profiling: Nanostring GeoMx Analysis Measure patterns of gene expression in targeted areas of interest in and around a tumor, or identify differences in patterns of gene or pathway activation. Analysis Report  
Fresh-Frozen Human Tissue (tumor and normal) Blood, PBMC, Buffy Coat TCR/BCR Immune Profiling: DriverMap-AIR Repertoire Profiling Characterize adaptive immune response in various disease states and therapeutic response by the sequences of T-cell and B-cell receptors and antibody variable regions (CDR3). Analysis Report  
Fresh-Frozen or FFPE Human Tissue (tumor and normal)  Gene Expression Profiling: DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling (EXP) Compare expression profiles of a variety of samples from as low as 10 pg total RNA to obtain information on how treatments or disease states alter expression levels.  Analysis Report  
PBMC, Bone Marrow, Buffy Coat Single-Cell Expression Profiling: 10X Chromium Analysis Study cell-to-cell differences in expression and find rare cells in heterogeneous samples.  Analysis Report  



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