Cureline provides human tissue for research in many therapeutic areas including solid tumor oncology, hematological malignancies, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. We manage a variety of human tissue research services for your projects, including human tissue histology laboratory (Cureline BioPathology).

Our team also implements studies in the following areas:

Primary Cell Cultures

  • Solid human tumors
  • Hematologic malignancies (blood, bone marrow)
  • Synovial fluid cells (RA / OA patients)
  • Normal human tissues

Viable and frozen subcellular fractions

  • Preparation of viable or frozen marker-specific cells from blood and bone marrow hematological malignancies
  • Isolation of PBMC from fresh blood and preparation of viable cells in DMSO – containing medium
  • Isolation of marker-specific cells from solid tumors

  • Cureline Molecular Molecular and cell biology laboratory CRO providing human and animal tissue research support to the biomedical research community (RNA, DNA, protein work; cell culture, primary cells, 3D-histoculture, Ab characterization, ELISA, etc.)
  • Translational Histopathology Cureline provides access to a full-service histology laboratory (Cureline BioPathology)
  • Fresh Tumor Tissue Analysis Histocultures are three-dimensional tissue cultures that maintain in-vivo-like phenotype in contrast to monolayer cultures.
  • RNA / DNA Services Human biospecimens for RNA and DNA preparation and analyses
  • Tissue Microarrays Consulting on design, tissue procurement and production of human TMA
  • Target Validation Services Cureline in collaboration with Cureline BioPathology provides high quality IHC studies to our customers.