Cureline provides quality human tissue processing and analysis using conventional human tissue stains and immunohistochemistry methods for cancer and normal tissue types. Please visit our website Cureline BioPathology to find out more.
For all human biospecimens provided by Cureline a detailed pathology report from a US-board certified medical pathologist and H&E slides are prepared upon request.
Digital imaging is available for an additinal fee.
For target expression and activation studies, Cureline offers to clients the entire set of services starting from tissue procurement and selection to tissue processing and analysis.
Human and Animal Tissue Processing
  • Tissue grossing and processing (for fresh and fixed tissues)
  • Paraffin and OCT embedding
  • Preparation of tissue slides (paraffin blocks, OCT blocks, frozen tissues)
  • Preparation of human tissue TMA (FFPE)
  • Clinical trial tissue processing (standard and custom protocols)
Human and Animal Tissue Analysis
  • H&E and special stains
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC), standard protocols
  • Development of custom IHC protocols using the DAKO instrumentation system
  • Digital pathology: high-resolution whole slide scan, image analysis
  • Comprehensive pathology report provided by the US board-certified MD pathologists
  • Proteomics biomarker studies

Proteomics biomarker studies

In alliance with BioCrypton, a technology platform startup located in San Francisco Bay area, Cureline offers proteomics and glycoprotein analysis of human biospecimens (blood, serum, plasma, urine, tissues, etc.)