Cureline is a global diagnostic and biomarker CRO focused on providing biospecimen procurement, management and analysis services for molecular diagnostics, drug and biomarkers R&D, translational research, and preventive and predictive medicine. To ensure collection of genetically diverse human biosamples, we created an international clinical network of the medical and research centers in the United States, Central Asia, Russia and the Philippines.

Our current collection protocols include:

  • Hepatitis, including high IgM levels, early stage viral load and other special selection criteria
  • HIV, including enrollment of a virus genotype - defined patients
  • Tuberculosis (TB), including custom protocols and MDR strains
Since 2003 Cureline specializes in custom protocol studies and currently offers special collection of human biofluids from patients with in-hospital infections:
  • Sepsis
  • In-hospital pneumonia
We work directly with principal investigators on determining feasibility for custom protocols. Please contact us with the details of your project for collection setup.