Frozen Blood and BM Samples

Whole blood from Cureline Biorepository is supplied as a 2 – 8 ml frozen blood sample in a standard K2-EDTA tube (the anti-coagulation agent can be changed per customer request; prospective collection will be required). Serum/Plasma is obtained from 8 – 10 ml of whole blood using standard blood fraction separation procedures (e.g. BD Biosciences serum/plasma collection tubes and protocols).

The specimens are supplied as snap-frozen aliquots (0.5 – 5 ml) in standard cryovials. Subcellular fractions from blood (including viable frozen cells) can be prepared per customer request. Other tubes and packaging are available upon request.

Bone Marrow aspirates (0.5 – 3 ml) and/or bone marrow trephine biopsies (as available) are obtained from patients with hematologic malignancies. The specimens are snap-frozen and supplied in standard cryovials (0.5 – 1 ml for BMA). Subcellular fractions from bone marrow aspirates (including viable frozen cells) can be prepared per customer request.

Therapeutic Areas:

  • Hematologic Oncology (AML, CML, ALL, AML, MM, MDS): bone marrow and blood products
  • Solid Oncology: viable and snap-frozen PBMC, whole fresh blood, cancer serum, cancer plasma
  • Inflammation: whole blood PBMC, serum, plasma
  • Normal Tissues: bone marrow (FF and FFPE, slides), PBMC (slides).