Cureline and BioCrypton Join Collaboration to “Decrypt” and Validate Blood Biomarkers of Cancer

Cureline and BioCrypton have entered into a strategic business alliance and scientific collaboration to discover and comprehensively validate molecular biomarkers in cancer patients’ blood and biofluids. The collaboration will focus on developing a new class of biomarkers aimed at increasing the sensitivity and selectivity for cancer. Cureline will provide to BioCrypton exclusive access to Cureline Biobank of thousands of human biospecimens and worldwide clinical network to expedite BioCrypton’s biomarker and molecular diagnostic programs.

Dr. Olga Potapova, Chief Executive Officer of Cureline, said: “The business alliance and collaboration with BioCrypton, one of the pioneers for novel tumor-selective biomarkers and diagnostics platform, is a further step in our company’s goal to focus on new approaches to strengthen our R&D portfolio. This collaboration illustrates our strong commitment to scientifically-driven oncology projects to provide patients and physicians with breakthrough diagnostics addressing unmet oncology needs.”

“As a company dedicated to leading technological and scientific advances in molecular oncology, BioCrypton is committed to decrypt hidden cancer signature in blood to provide better diagnostics solutions to patients,” said Valeria Ossovskaya, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer of BioCrypton. “Working with Cureline and having access to their human biobank, worldwide clinical network and histopathology laboratory capabilities significantly expedites our biomarkers program and maximizes success of all our R&D projects.”

About Cureline and Cureline Biopathology

Cureline, a global leader in human tissue commercial biobanking, provides effective solutions for scientific, clinical and drug development projects. Cureline, spin-off from SUGEN, has more than 12 years of expertise in developing clinical collaborations for human tissue biobanking, precision medicine and translational histology projects. Cureline has clinical operations in 16 countries around the world and performed over 2,000 specialty R&D projects for global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Cureline collaborates with major clinical centers in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Cureline Biobank contains an extensive biorepository of over 100,000 human biospecimens with comprehensive clinical records.

About BioCrypton

BioCrypton, a Silicon Valley biotech startup and exclusive licensee of Caltech technology, is developing new generation of comprehensive molecular tests and biochips to diagnose, study and monitor complex human diseases, such as cancer. BioCrypton’s mission is to “decrypt” molecular signature of cancer and build innovative and efficient cancer diagnostics products and clinical tests. BioCrypton’s proprietary protein chemistry technology platform provides a unique opportunity to discover “hidden” classes of cancer biomarkers in human blood, biofluids and tissue samples. BioCrypton also offers a wide range of biomarker-related projects for biotech and pharma companies to support and expedite diagnostics and drug development. BioCrypton is a privately held company, located in South San Francisco. For more information, please visit