Dear Colleague,

Fresh human tissue, blood, and other biospecimens: if your research requires it, this letter is for you!

Cureline is a leading provider of human biospecimens for research in various therapeutic areas. We have reliable sources of fresh blood, tumor and normal tissues in the USA and Europe. Fresh biospecimens from healthy donors and clinically-defined patients can be delivered to your lab in 24 – 48 hours of procurement.

If you need fresh biospecimens that could not be procured easily and delivered locally, we have created an additional service in our portfolio: immediate processing of fresh tissue/blood/bone marrow using custom protocols.

The following established protocols, involving processing of fresh tissue and blood at the local laboratories and collection sites have been very successful:

  • Histoculture of human tumor tissue including treatment with an experimental drug and a standard of care: this methodology allows expedited data development for oncology/immunology preclinical and translational research

  • Tumor “cell soup” preparation: preparation of a single cell suspension of tumor, connective tissue, and inflammatory components of a human tumor, viable cell suspension preparation for further analysis (FACS, cell culture)

  • Histoculture of normal human skin: investigation of surrogate biomarkers following various treatments using IHC technique

  • Cell fractures from fresh blood: isolation of defined subcellular fractions (single and multiple) and their preservation for FACS and ISH using special fixatives

  • Cells fractures from fresh bone marrow: isolation of defined BMMCs fractions, snap-frozen and viable cell preparation

  • Collection of fresh blood, serum and plasma from Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B patients

If your laboratory is struggling with obtaining and processing of fresh human biomaterials for translational studies – Cureline could provide a unique solution: access to a variety of clinical sites that are linked to the state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

Contact us and our Project Management team will work with you on designing the optimal feasible protocol for clinical sample collection and processing, and provide you with much needed data in a fraction of the time.

For the past 10 years, Cureline has provided clinical and scientific services to over 250 client companies (including 15 Top Big Pharma firms) and facilitated research projects conducted in the USA, Japan and Western European laboratories. We link over 80 major

clinical research/centers worldwide to your research needs and make sure that your project has the outmost priority.

Best regards,
Olga Potapova, PhD
CEO and Scientific Director