Cureline, Inc. was founded in 2003 by four translational research enthusiasts from SUGEN. Ten years, 25 employees, thousands of projects, and almost 100 clinical and research collaborations around the world later, Cureline is now a global Human Biospecimen CRO serving pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide with highly scientific projects involving the procurement, processing, and management of human biospecimens.

Originally starting with oncology tumor samples, Cureline now provides biospecimens from patients with AID/inflammation, cardiovascular conditions, sepsis/infectious diseases, inherited conditions, and other indications. Since 2008, we have also offered high-end tissue research services to the biomedical research community including IHC protocol development, clinical specimens processing and diagnostics, digital pathology, etc. Cureline BioPathology is a translational histology CLIA/GLP laboratory co-located with Cureline Biorepository.

"It’s always been about bringing medicine and science together,” said Olga Potapova, Ph.D., Cureline’s Founder, CEO and Scientific Director. “In the past decade I have seen a lot of changes: research human tissue biobanking has gone from an obscure field with fragmented knowledge and limited offerings to one of the most important scientific problems of the 21st century (The Times, 2010). It is now a "chic" business opportunity, an important research and educational subject, and a valuable private and corporate investment item. There is no promise of personalized medicine without proper human tissue processing and analysis, and there are a multitude of activities related to making sure that human biospecimens meet its important role in fulfilling that promise including at least a dozen of high-profile conferences annually on various subjects, the creation of specialized biorepositories in major hospitals and medical insurance networks, and dedicated management teams in major pharma companies, to name just a few.”

In order to support development of personalized medicine and research activities, the Cureline team constantly expands its global clinical network and encourages international scientific collaborations. We work in the USA, Central and South America, Russia, Central and South-Pacific Asia and run more than 350 projects annually with 80+ clinical centers. Collaboration with Cureline offers clinical PIs a great opportunity not only to participate in famous projects such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (NCI, NIH), but also encourages international interaction, publication, and the development of relationships with scientific product manufacturers.

Cureline is a small company, but because of our hard work scientists from leading companies like Novartis, Genentech/Roche, GSK, Merck, Amgen, Pfizer, Sanofi, Janssen and many others can develop new drugs and diagnostics for the most challenging diseases. Cureline is there for them when needed because the Cureline team is committed to furthering the vision of making personalized medicine a reality.

About Cureline

Cureline is a biomarker and diagnostics CRO specializing since 2003 in human biospecimens acquisition and tissue research projects including study design, regulatory affairs, clinical network management, specimen collection and analysis, and complete logistics. Our areas of expertise are oncology, immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular conditions, metabolic conditions, infectious diseases/sepsis/HIV.