Dear Colleagues,

We would like to update you on recent Cureline activities in the area of acquisition of human biospecimens for research:

- We have expanded our operations to Venezuela, Israel and Hungary;

- Added new clinical sites in the USA for procurement of fresh biospecimens (normal and diseased tissues, blood);

- Expanded capabilities for procurement of clinically and molecularly defined Tumor FFPE blocks, including matching metastatic lesion FFPE block and clinical outcome data;

- Increased capabilities to answer the call of Companion Dx development groups (custom projects).

- Added new therapeutic areas/indications:
   • Cancer immunology (specific collection for melanoma, RCC, H&N, NSCLC, HCC, and pancreatic cancers)

   • Autoimmune diseases and inflammation (RA, SLE, asthma, others)

   • Infectious diseases (hepatitis, HIV, tropical ID, in-hospital infections, sepsis)

   • Fetal and maternal health (prenatal Dx, premature birth biomarkers)

   • Inherited conditions (fragile-X syndrome, SCA, trisomies)

   • Multiple sclerosis (specialized clinic with 7,000 patients registry)

   • Brain tumors (low grade gliomas, GBM, meduloblastoma, etc.)

   • Dermatology (AD, psoriasis, acne)

For the past 10 years, Cureline has provided clinical and scientific services to over 250 client companies (including 15 Top Big Pharma firms) and facilitated research projects conducted in the USA, Japan and Western European laboratories. We link over 80 major clinical research/centers worldwide to your research needs and make sure that your project has the outmost priority.

Contact us to discuss your upcoming projects. Place an order for standard biospecimens at our Online Biorepository.

Best regards,
The Cureine Team